Robot on Wheels



Automation of IT Services has morphed itself into Automation of Business itself, making its way from simple scripts to army of BOTS.

We help automate your Business Flows and IT Operations / Services, delivering better user experience and quality of service for you and your customers.


Along with our product platforms InfiWorx and InfiScaler, we deliver CUSTOM solutions developed using industry leading automation platforms and in house development.


Products and Services



Network Operation Automation covering all phases of network device life cycle management. Improves security, your visibility of your network and risk/error mitigation response times.

Startup Development Team


We automate your Business flows, IT Operations, End user services integrating multiple systems into seamless delivery model . AZURE Cloud and On-Premise solution deployment.



KVM based Application Resource Management (ARM) tool that monitors the application VM KPIs to trigger desired event based on use case. Open API model to further expand as per your requirement.



Empower Digital Conversations - Voice, Chat, Mail. Our AI represents your best agent that is trained to answer questions and guide your customers through their every need, 24/7. Quick, Cost-effective and Out of Box domain knowledge and integration. 

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